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All of us here in KMCA began our experience in the IDF where we learned this incredible art of self defense and physical conditioning. After our army service we trained special forces from around the world from India and Thailand, to Mexico and Costa Rica, and everywhere in between.

Our experience and dedication is unrivaled but our greatest gift is our ability to translate our training to civilians: mothers, students, children – giving each a custom made fitness and self defense formula, geared towards their needs and abilities.

All our members are graduates of IDF’s Counter Terror School, experts in urban warfare and hostage search & rescue. KMCA recruits out of Israel’s most elite special forces units, only those that have reached the rank of Sergeant qualify to provide training to your staff.

Our instructors have trained SWAT Teams and Special Forces all over the world, providing a program designed for each unit and every scenario.

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"It has been an absolute pleasure working with the KMCA team! Camp Zeke is the first Jewish camp to celebrate healthy active living through fitness and culinary arts. In addition to our summer camp, we run year-round fitness and cooking events at various synagogues and JCCs in the New York area. KMCA's expert instructors have been handling the fitness/Krav Maga piece of these events for months. We've hosted countless events with their help and cannot say enough good things. The kids have a blast in a structured and safe environment, the parents enjoy seeing their kids learning Krav Maga while having fun, and we find it incredibly helpful to have such a well-organized, friendly, and dedicated team working with us. KMCA is one of our most valued and reliable partners. They will forever be a part of Camp Zeke's growth and history, and I look forward to working with them for a long time to come."

Isaac Mamaysky
Director, Camp Zeke

It has been a pleasure working with the Krav Maga Centers of America. The instructors come early and are always prepared with something new and exciting for our students. Our class has tripled and we are opening a new section in a couple of months because of how popular this class has become. Our students are now more confident, they concentrate in school better, and are overall happier individuals. We cannot be more proud of their accomplishments thanks to KMCA!

Angela Ashraf

Youth Services Director, Kings Bay YM-YWHA